Freemotion Reflex T11.3 Treadmill



Discover unparalleled performance and comfort in every stride with the FreeMotion Reflex T11.3 Treadmill: Unparalleled Performance and Comfort for Your Ultimate Workout Experience. Elevate your workouts with its powerful 5.0 CHP EnduraDrive System
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$ 3,399.99


Introducing the FreeMotion Reflex T11.3 Treadmill, a powerhouse of innovation and performance. This treadmill is not just a fitness equipment; it's a testament to cutting-edge technology and user-centric design. Featuring the powerful 5.0 CHP EnduraDrive System, this treadmill ensures faster acceleration, making it the ideal choice for maintaining speed during your entire marathon journey. The 10-rib stretch belt, designed for optimal user balance, minimizes slip potential, providing a secure and comfortable workout experience.

The heart of this exceptional treadmill lies in its motor—a meticulously crafted EnduraDrive System that boasts high-end commercial bearings, brushes, and superior wiring. Undergoing rigorous testing and achieving stringent UL certification, this dynamically spin-balanced motor guarantees superior performance with minimal vibration and noise, setting the Reflex T11.3 apart as the performance motor of choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Experience unparalleled joint protection with Reflex Cushioning, a revolutionary feature that combines comfort and performance. The composite construction absorbs impact without compromising strength, ensuring a workout that is not only powerful but also comfortable. The 1-Step Speed Control allows you to customize your training, seamlessly transitioning from 0 to 12 MPH for a versatile and effective workout, including warm-up and cool-down sessions.

Taking your workout to the next level is made easy with the 1-Step Decline Controls, introducing a new dimension to treadmill workouts by enabling a decline feature. The Reflex T11.3 ensures you can instantly adjust your decline to stimulate different muscles, providing a more comprehensive and balanced exercise routine.

Stay cool and refreshed throughout your workout with the innovative CrossFlow Workout Fan, seamlessly integrated into the console for quick and convenient adjustments—just like the AC in your car. This treadmill doesn't just keep you fit; it ensures you stay comfortable, focused, and motivated.

The FreeMotion Reflex T11.3 Treadmill is a favorite in Orange Theory Gyms globally, chosen for its exceptional features and performance. Safety is a top priority, evident in the large handrails, automatic "Shut Down" function, and a wide, non-slip, maintenance-free traction belt that measures an impressive 60 inches by 20 inches.

But it doesn't stop there. The proprietary Reflex Cushioning Deck, Precision Quick Speed, and Strike Zone Indicators further enhance your workout experience. The simplified user interface provides a clear overview of essential stats like speed, time, incline, calorie burn, pace, and heart rate, ensuring your workout stays on track.

The FreeMotion Reflex T11.3 Treadmill is not just a fitness machine; it's a game-changer. With its robust specifications, including a 5.0 HP AC Commercial Drive Motor, 0% to +15% incline range, and a maximum user weight of 400 lbs, this treadmill is designed to meet the demands of serious fitness enthusiasts. The CrossFlow Fan, EKG grips for real-time heart rate monitoring, and the deck's reversible design are thoughtful additions that elevate your fitness experience.

In summary, the FreeMotion Reflex T11.3 Treadmill is the epitome of performance, comfort, and innovation. Elevate your fitness journey with a treadmill that goes beyond the ordinary, providing an unparalleled workout experience every time you step on it.


  • Powerful 5.0 CHP EnduraDrive System for faster acceleration and superior performance.
  • Reflex Cushioning for extreme joint protection and a perfect blend of comfort and performance.
  • 1-Step Speed Control (0–12 MPH) for a customizable and versatile workout.
  • 1-Step Decline Controls for a revolutionary treadmill workout experience.
  • CrossFlow Workout Fan for on-the-go cooling and comfort.
  • Simplified User Interface with race track visuals for easy tracking of essential workout metrics.


  • Brand : ‎FreeMotion
  • Item Weight : ‎226.8 Kilograms
  • Material : ‎Alloy Steel
  • Maximum Speed : ‎12 Miles per Hour
  • Special Feature : ‎Portable
  • Target Audience : ‎Adult
  • Maximum Horsepower : ‎5 Horsepower
  • Maximum Incline Percentage : ‎5
  • Display Type : ‎LCD
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation : ‎350 Pounds
  • Deck Length : ‎40 Inches
  • Maximum Incline Percentage : 5
  • Maximum Weight Recommendation : 350 Pounds
  • Input Voltage: 100V | AC 50-60Hz
  • Amperage: 15 Amps
  • Weight: 579 lbs
  • Dimensions: 89 × 41 × 27 in
  • Deck: Two-Sided Reflex™ Deck (Reversible)
  • Drive: Motor 5.0 HP AC Commercial Drive Motor
  • Running Surface / Belt: 21.5 x 60 in (54 x 152 cm)
  • Quiet Belt Elevation System 0% to +15% incline
  • Built-in Fan Removable 8 in (20.3 cm)
  • Display Type: Simplified User Interface
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 lbs (182 kgs)
  • Step-up Height: 12.2 in (31.1 cm)
  • Speed Range: 0-12 mph (0-20 km/h)
  • Equipment Dimensions: (L x W x H) 87.75 x 34 x 66 in
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