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LEGO Plant Decor: Succulents 10309 Set - Artificial Botanical Collection for Adults, Home & Office Decoration, 771 Pieces



LEGO Plant Decor Succulents 10309: Build 9 lifelike artificial plants with 771 pieces. Perfect for home or office, this low-maintenance botanical set offers mindful building and versatile display options. Ideal gift for plant lovers and LEGO enthusiasts.
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Transform your living space with the LEGO Plant Decor Succulents 10309 Set, a stunning addition to the LEGO Botanical Collection. This meticulously crafted kit brings the beauty of nature indoors without the need for watering or sunlight, making it perfect for plant enthusiasts and LEGO lovers alike.

Featuring 771 pieces, the LEGO succulents 10309 plant decor set allows you to build 9 distinct succulent plants, each inspired by real-life varieties. The attention to detail is remarkable, with authentic shapes, textures, and colors that mirror their living counterparts. As you assemble each piece, you'll experience a mindful and relaxing building process that's both engaging and rewarding.

The versatility of this LEGO succulents 10309 plant decor set is unmatched. Display all 9 succulents together for a striking centerpiece, arrange them in small groups, or showcase them individually throughout your home or office. Each plant comes in its own container, giving you the freedom to create a personalized arrangement that suits your style and space.

Measuring over 5 inches (13 cm) high, 6.5 inches (17 cm) wide, and 6.5 inches (17 cm) deep when fully assembled, this set makes a significant visual impact. It's an ideal low-maintenance alternative to real plants, perfect for brightening up any room, from living areas to bedrooms, offices to dorm rooms.

The LEGO Plant Decor Succulents set isn't just a building project; it's a creative outlet and a unique piece of home decor. It makes an excellent gift for various occasions, including birthdays, housewarming parties, or as a thoughtful present for plant lovers and LEGO enthusiasts.

With three separate instruction booklets included, this set also offers a wonderful opportunity for shared building experiences. Gather friends or family to construct the succulents together, then combine your creations for a collaborative display.

As part of the LEGO Botanical Collection, this set complements other nature-inspired builds like the Flower Bouquet (10280) and Orchid (10311). Start or expand your LEGO plant collection with this exquisite succulent set, and bring a touch of evergreen charm to your living space with LEGO Plant Decor that's both stylish and enduring.

Unwind and Unbox Creativity:

  • Immerse yourself in a mindful building journey, meticulously crafting each succulent with LEGO® bricks.
  • Discover the diverse beauty of the botanical world as you recreate a collection of Echeveria, Aloe Vera, Haworthia, and more, all inspired by real-life varieties.
  • Each succulent boasts its own unique shape, texture, and vibrant colors, making this a truly captivating display.

The Perfect Low-Maintenance Greenery:

  • Forget watering schedules and sunlight concerns! This LEGO® Plant Decor set offers a flourishing display that requires no upkeep.
  • Each succulent is presented in its own charming terracotta-style pot, adding a touch of rustic charm to your home decor.
  • Whether displayed on a window sill, bookshelf, or office desk, this botanical collection injects a pop of color and a touch of tranquility into any space.


  • Brand: Lego
  • Model: 6385788
  • Collection: Botanical
  • Set Number: 10309
  • Number of Pieces: 771
  • Suggested Age: 18 Years and Up
  • Assembled Dimensions: 2.22 Inches (D)
  • Educational Focus: Creative Thinking
  • Material: Plastic
  • UPC: 673419361620
  • Color: Multi Color
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