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Premium 1 Person Infrared Sauna for Home: Canadian Hemlock Wood, Smart Display, 8 Low EMF Panels, Bluetooth Audio, Reading Lamp - Compact Wellness Sanctuary (350W)



Experience ultimate relaxation with this 1 Person Infrared Sauna. Crafted from Canadian hemlock, this low EMF far infrared sauna features 8 heating panels, Bluetooth audio, LED reading lamp & a smart display. Use for detoxification, pain / stress relief.
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$ 700.00


Premium 1 Person Infrared Sauna: Your Personal Wellness Sanctuary

Transform your home into a spa-like retreat with the Premium 1 Person Infrared Sauna. This compact far infrared sauna offers a luxurious wellness experience, combining cutting-edge technology with the natural beauty of Canadian hemlock wood. Perfect for those seeking relaxation, detoxification, and numerous health benefits in the comfort of their own home.

Premium Features for Ultimate Relaxation

The premium 1 person infrared sauna is packed with features designed to enhance your sauna experience:

  • Low EMF Far Infrared Technology: 8 strategically placed heating panels provide gentle, penetrating heat
  • Smart Display: Easy-to-use control panel for temperature and time settings
  • Bluetooth Audio: Connect your device for a personalized audio experience
  • LED Reading Lamp: Enjoy your favorite book while basking in infrared warmth
  • Pre-set Programs: Customize your session with convenient pre-set options

Compact Design, Maximum Comfort

Designed to fit seamlessly into your home, this personal sauna offers:

  • Space-Efficient Dimensions: 32.28" x 32.28" x 67" (W x D x H)
  • Accommodating Interior: Suitable for individuals 61-73 inches tall
  • Sturdy Construction: 6mm tempered glass door with left and right door options
  • High Weight Capacity: Supports up to 660 lbs

Health and Wellness Benefits

Experience the transformative power of infrared therapy:

  • Detoxification: Sweat out toxins and impurities
  • Pain Relief: Soothe sore muscles and joints
  • Improved Circulation: Boost blood flow and cardiovascular health
  • Stress Reduction: Relax and unwind in your personal oasis
  • Skin Health: Promote a healthy, glowing complexion

Safe and Efficient Operation

The Premium 1 person infrared sauna prioritizes your safety and comfort:

  • Low EMF Heating: Enjoy the benefits of infrared without harmful emissions
  • Quick Heat-Up: Reaches optimal temperature in minutes
  • Dry Heat: No steam or moisture for easy maintenance
  • Auto Shut-Off: Built-in protection device for peace of mind

Easy Installation and Maintenance

Transform even the smallest space into a personal wellness retreat:

  • Simple Assembly: Easy-to-follow instructions for quick setup
  • Portable Design: Ideal for various indoor locations
  • Low Maintenance: Wipe clean with a towel after use

Experience the luxury of a spa day, any day, with the premium 1 Person Infrared Sauna. This infrared sauna combines advanced technology, premium materials, and thoughtful design to create your very own sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation. Invest in your health and well-being today with this exceptional home spa solution.


  • Product Dimensions : 32.38 x 32.38 x 67 inches
  • Item Weight : 159 pounds
  • Model Number: KM-909MRH SAUNA
  • Maximum Temperature - 60°C / 140°F
  • Low EMF Infrared
  • LCD Control Panel
  • Material: Canadian Hemlock
  • Speakers: 2
  • Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Reading Lamp: Yes
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Alleviate joint pain
  • Ease pain from sore muscles
  • Burn calories
  • Improves skin tone
  • Detoxification
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Premium 1 Person Infrared Sauna for Home: Canadian Hemlock Wood, Smart Display, 8 Low EMF Panels, Bluetooth Audio, Reading Lamp - Compact Wellness Sanctuary (350W) is not currently available.

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