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Cafe Du Monde Coffee Chicory: Authentic New Orleans Blend, 15-Ounce Ground, Rich Flavor for French Press, Drip, or Cold Brew

Cafe Du Monde


Authentic Cafe Du Monde coffee chicory, a New Orleans tradition since 1862. This 15 oz can of dark roast ground coffee with chicory offers rich, bold flavor. Perfect for drip brewing or classic café au lait. Enjoy the taste of the French Quarter at home.
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Experience the Authentic Taste of New Orleans with Café Du Monde Coffee Chicory

Indulge in the rich flavors of the Big Easy with Cafe Du Monde coffee chicory, a beloved blend that has been captivating coffee enthusiasts since 1862. This 15-ounce can of ground coffee brings the essence of New Orleans' French Market right to your kitchen.

A Timeless Blend of Coffee and Chicory

Café Du Monde's exclusive coffee and chicory blend is the same recipe served at their iconic coffee stand in the heart of New Orleans. This dark roasted coffee, mixed with chicory root, creates a unique and robust flavor profile that's distinctly New Orleans.

Versatile Brewing Options

Whether you prefer your coffee black or au lait, this blend shines in various brewing methods:

  • Drip coffee makers
  • French press
  • Cold brew
  • Traditional café au lait style

The Perfect Café Au Lait

For an authentic New Orleans experience, try the traditional café au lait:

  • Brew a strong cup of Café Du Monde coffee chicory
  • Mix equal parts hot coffee and steamed milk
  • Enjoy with hot, powdered sugar-dusted beignets for the full French Market experience

Rich History in Every Sip

Established in 1862, Café Du Monde has been a New Orleans landmark for over 150 years. Their coffee stand in the French Market serves this very blend year-round, offering locals and tourists alike a taste of NOLA's coffee culture.

Chicory: The Secret Ingredient

Chicory, the root of the endive plant, adds depth and a subtle sweetness to the coffee. This ingredient became popular during times when coffee was scarce and has since become an integral part of New Orleans' coffee tradition.

Brewing Tips

  • For drip coffee makers: Use slightly less than you would with regular coffee due to the blend's strength
  • For French press: Allow to steep for 4-5 minutes for optimal flavor extraction
  • For cold brew: Steep overnight in the refrigerator for a smooth, less acidic brew

Bring the flavors of the French Quarter into your home with Café Du Monde coffee chicory. Whether you're recreating memories of a New Orleans visit or exploring new coffee experiences, this blend offers a unique and satisfying taste that's steeped in tradition and rich in flavor.

Product Details

  • Net Weight: 15 ounces of ground coffee
  • Ingredients: Dark roasted coffee and chicory
  • Packaging: Iconic orange Café Du Monde can
  • Origin: New Orleans, Louisiana


  • Brand: Cafe Du Monde
  • Net Weight: 15 oz (426 g)
  • Model Number: 62612
  • Made In France
  • Flavor: Coffee and Chicory
  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Coffee Form: Ground
  • UPC: 044064918543
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